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Polo Tips

General information about horse related issues and polo

A great polo horse trainer is one who chooses horses in a precise manner so as to work with them in the future. Due to being physically underdeveloped, just like children, such horses need short and frequent work sessions. At the same time, a connoisseur should know the limits of each horse and not push them too hard.

A young, talented horse is like a child, they have the same attributes: They get bored quickly and become frustrated with repetitive exercises, which they think they have already mastered. As we have already discussed, the rate, or the rhythm, is an important aspect in any game. This suggests that the horse is able to maintain any speed until indicated to increase or decrease the pace. When we stop a horse we should be able to keep him quiet and still for a few seconds; this is a great aid for horses to learn to manage the rate.

Ideally, a horse should leave the field with confidence and a good overall impression of the game; in other words, he should leave without fear. Why is it that a player is never officially recognized for his riding skills on the field when it is such an important aspect in terms of horse performance and polo in general?

Good players almost never sit on the saddle; instead, they traverse the horse.

A good player and an experienced rider give the horse liberty and a sense of calm on all occasion.
Having a cold head during a polo practice is twice as important, since the player is thinking for two: For the horse and for himself.