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Want to get to the next level in polo?

Eduardo Amaya - Polo Specialist

About Me

Hello, My name is Eduardo Amaya and I have been a polo trainer for more than 30 years.
Whatever problem you are going thru with your game I can correct it for good.
I will show you with patience and passion the right techniques to bring your polo game to the next level. This is my pledge to you.


Eduardo, I know your passion for this sport since a long time ago, when you played with my father and I was just starting to stick and ball. During these past years, I realised how your teaching method have shown amazing result between players and beginners of all levels. Because of the didactic of your method and the way you teach it, I’m sure you are the number 1 polo teacher. I wish you the best of success.

Adolfo Cambiaso

World Best Polo Player

Eduardo is one of the most coveted polo coaches in world polo. His background as a veterinary surgeon as well as a professional player makes his approach to polo scientific. His communication of horsemanship elements in particular is based on his knowledge of the mechanics and makeup of the horse, taking every element of the horse’s complexities into consideration. Travelling for part of the year as a coach, Eduardo returns to Argentina for the season in September where he devotes his time to training students from abroad. Eduardo is the lead instructor at the International Polo Academy using Dartfish analytics in his teaching.


Polo Association

A restless soul, in search of the perfect play, the perfect swing, the perfect riding, with an eagle eye and a magnificent training program that focuses on simplicity and progress. 

Sharp analysis, straight-forward, no b…shit practice, five better play. The polo scientist. Professor Polo.

Carsten Steinacker


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Let me know what questions and/or feedback you have for me.
I will get back to you as quickly as I can. Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.

    Location: Houston, Texas, USA.

    Mobile: +1 (346) 971-8109

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