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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information:

Name: Eduardo A. Amaya

Nationality: Argentine

Profession: Veterinarian UBA / Polo Instructor

Polo Player Performance:

Argentina: 4 goals .5 goals (1975-1995)

Europe: 6 goals (1975-1996).

  • Anatomy assistant professorship of domestic animals, University of Buenos Aires 1970.
  • First assistant of Horse Pathology, University of Buenos Aires 1975.
  • Professor of practical Pathology, University of Buenos Aires 1976 - 1979.
  • Equestrian assistant at the Argentine National Racecourse 1975-1979.
  • Manager of veterinary attendance at Hurlingham Racecourse 1976-1979.
  • Proprietor of Veterinary Equinovet Store 1975-1977.
  • Veterinary surgeon of Coronel Suarez Polo Team 1975-1977.
  • Veterinary surgeon of the Argentine Polo Team during the Inter-American Championship 1976.
  • Veterinary surgeon of Macondo Polo Team, Colombia, at Palm BeachPolo and Country Club, Florida, USA 1981.
  • Riding school instructor and polo teacher at the First Bavaria PoloSchool, Munich, Germany 1987-1989.
  • Riding school instructor and polo teacher at Dietikon Polo School, Zurich, Switzerland 1989.
  • Polo pony judge at the Sociedad Rural Argentina 1992.
  • Polo pony judge at Santa Rita Polo Club Open 1996.
  • Polo Instructor at La Martina Polo Ranch, El Metejon Polo Ranch,Hurlingham Polo Club, Puesto Viejo Polo Ranch (1998-2005)
  • Appaloosa Judge at the Sociedad Rural Argentina (2013).
  • Instructor and Polo Trainer of IPA (International Polo Academy). Working with the new Analysis System Dart Fish International.
  • La Martina Polo Ranch,Puesto, Viejo Polo Ranch, PoloOne (Argentina).
  • Establecimiento El Monteverde (Lobos) (2010 - 2015)
  • Houston Polo Club. Instructor of polo for all levels. CPI USPA (Certified Polo Instructor by USPA) (2016-2022)

Polo Clinics 2000:

  • California Polo Club, California, US (June 2000).
  • Bordeaux, France (July 2000).
  • Ascot Park Polo Club, Cowdray Polo Club, Ribblesdale Polo Club,England (July 2000).
  • Wassenaar, Holland (August 2000).
  • Ascot Park Polo Club, Ribblesdale Polo Club, England (September 2000)

Polo Clinics 2010

  • IPA (International Polo Academy) at Polo One, Pilar, Argentina.
  • IPA(International Polo Academy)at Hartwood polo UK.
  • Polo clinics at Beijing Polo (2010).

Polo Clinics 2011

  •  IPA(International Polo Academy) at Polo Park Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Polo clinics 2012 Beijing, Tang Polo Club.China.
  • Singapore at El Paisano Polo Academy

(2012) Polo clinics and conference.

Polo Clinics 2013

  •  Jaipur IPA (International Polo Academy) India. 61 st.Cavalry (Sept)
  •  Jindal Privat Polo Club(New Dehli). Private Polo Lessons. (Sept)
  • Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club(Polo Conference) (Sept)
  • La Martina Polo Ranch, November 2013 (Polo conference).

Polo Clinic 2014

  • Houston (USA) Tonkawa, Isla Carroll, ERG, Clinic with Dart Fish System. Houston, November 2014,( Horse conference).

Polo Clinic 2015

  • Palm Beach(USA) Wellington at IPC Team USPA Assist, Analysis swing and Riding.

Polo Clinic 2016

  • Fairplay Fulshare. Houston, Texas. (November 2016). Penalties.

Polo Clinic 2017

  • Austin, Texas. (July 2017). Riding and Hitting.

Polo Clinic July 2018-2019

  • South Padre Island. USA

Polo Clinic June 2020

  • Austin, Texas

Polo Clinic August 2021

  • Austin, Texas

Polo Clinic 2022

  • Polo Clinic at Hain Ranch,Brookshire, Texas USA September 10th and December 10th
  • Palm Beach, Florida Polo Clinic ,November 30th 2022

Countries where I have played polo as a Professional:

England: Windsor and Cowdray 1971.
France: Deauville 1971.
Italy: Rome 1978-1980.
Milano (Monza 1987).
Germany: Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Sylt, Frankfourt 1979-1990.
USA: Palm Beach, Florida 1980-1984.
Venezuela: Caracas 1983-1986.
Sto Domingo: La Romana 1985.
Holland: 1979.
Denmark: 1980.
Colombia: Bogota 1981.
Switzerland: Zurich, St Moritz 1989-1990.
Ostrich: Kitzbugel 1987-1989.
Nigeria: Lagos, Kaduna 1987-1991.
Uruguay: Pta del Este 1989-1990.
Beijing: (China) 2012.
New Dehli: (India) 2013.
Houston, Texas (USA): 2020/2021

I've written more than 670 articles about polo horses, horseback riding in polo, the hit & reading the game. Lots haven't been published yet.
  • The Ultimate Polo Book. Present developing.
  • Riding Encyclopedia - Questions and Answers. Present Development.
  • Hitting Encyclopedia - Questions and Answers. Present Development.
  • Game Tactics Encyclopedia - Questions and Answers. Present Development.
  • Filing and Levelling of polo ponies' molars.
  • Centauros Magazine 1979.
  • Dynamics and movements of the sport horse 1980.
  • Polo Playing, method and skill, (the book is being developed at the moment).
  • How to buy a polo Horse.
  • Psychological behaviour of the horse.
  • Horse Dynamics.
  • Straight from the horse's mouth.
  • Polo must be learned by method.
  • The united head - neck.
  • Bases for a correct polo playing.
  • Mouth problems.
  • Hock and mouth relation.
  • Horsemanship in Polo.
  • Training a Polo Pony.
  • Learning Polo.
  • A few lines on Polo Ponies.
  • Fracture (crushing) of the dorsal vertebrae spinal apophyses mutton withers.
  • PQ Magazine Summer Issue 2013, Anticipation, A powerful tool when playing polo.
  • PQ Magazine Summer Issue 2014, Polo Horse skill.
  • Dorrego local magazine at Palermo Open 2014, Swing develop and Riding muscles action.
  • PQ Magazine Winter issue 2014, Coordination of upper leg muscles.
  • By weekly publications in
  • 2019 - 2020 One on one online courses with Polo horse Simulator in Houston Texas.
  • 2020 - Instagram Conferences via Pololine.
  • 2020-2021 - Zoom Conferences integrating the group of Polo4Pro instructors.