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After playing Polo profesionally for more than 20 years I decided that I need toand  profesisonaly 

Adolfo Cambiaso World Best Polo Player

Eduardo, I know your passion for this sport since long time ago, when you played with my father and I was just starting to stick and ball. During this past years I realised how your teaching method have shown amazing result between players and beginners of all levels. Because of the didactic of your method and the way you teach it, I'm sure you are the number 1 polo teacher. I wish the best of success.

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Module # 1. Riding

1 - Learn the Horse Movement's and its Dynamics.

2 - How to Integrate Player-Horse movements. 

3 - The 3 basics Positions on the horse.

4 - Using the aids.

5 - Horse reaction according with our riding skill

6 - How to correctly stop the horse.

7 - Using the Aids.

8 - How to use the Wip and Spurs

9 - How to gauge the Horse to Bump and Turn

Module # 2. Hitting 

1 - Building a Great Swing.

2 - Correct Mallet Handling.

3 - Swing Phases.

4 - Muscle Memory.

5 - Aiming to the different targets.

6 - Mallet - Stroke Distance Reaction.

7 - Three planes Syncronization

Module # 3. Game 

1 - Learning to reads the Game.

2 - Game Anticipation.

3 - Games focus and peripheral vision.

4 - Taking Iniciative by intuition.

5 - Game Rules.


$1,250 / Module

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$1,250 / Module

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MODULE 1 & 2

$2,200 / both

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  • All classes are recorded, edited and evaluated for future technique improvements and reviews. It is a sure way to gauge your progress as a player and it helps me to improve my teaching methodology
  • It is highly recommended that you take the classes in modules. Individual classes are not recommended and they will considered on a case by case assesments and schedule limitations.
  • The modules are devided in a logical learning sequence that improves the learning process.
  • Prices include classes in Houston, TX. Relocation expenses for classes in differents cities are not included.
  • It is recommended that you contact me first before you purchase any module to first discuss about your needs and how I can help you. After that, you can complete your purchase online.